4 July 2017:  MOTORIST PUBLIC WRAP-UP WORKSHOP: Research & innovation in PTW safety
On the 4th of July at TUDelft an interactive public workshop has taken place, with the participation of externale experts. MOTORIST ws flyer, directions.Finalmotoristmeeting, location & contact, W_S.Agenda.pdf3meMap3mE detail map, Link for registration:; TUDelft.Fellows_ppt


EU4FACTS: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world” on 26 September 2017

DG JRC is organising the conference “ EU4FACTS: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world” on 26 September 2017;jsessionid=wT9WKrCTc4EviT!B55dPjt!L.gl1?pg=presentation .

In the framework of this conference, they are also inviting young researchers to showcase their research.

You can find more instructions in this webpage:;jsessionid=wT9WKrCTc4EviT!B55dPjt!L.gl1?pg=inscription

 MSCA 2017 Presidency conference ‘Mobility takes research further’ 

The MSCA 2017 Presidency conference ‘Mobility takes research further’ will host the fourth Awards Ceremony of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Prizes, open for all FP7 and Horizon 2020 MSCA fellows and alumni.

The award winners will receive their award from the European Commission Director General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture and will participate in the press conference.The best applicants will also have the possibility to present themselves and their research during the event. Their travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the organisers.

This year Marie Skłodowska-Curie Prizes are given in three categories:

•             Innovation and Entrepreneurship

•             Communicating Science

•             Contribution to a better society

The deadline for the submissions has been extended to 19th March 2017. More information on the contest and the application process can be found here:

2017.01.25- Day of Open Doors 2017, Plzen

On 25.01.2017 a Day of Open Doors 2017 was held on the Faculty of Applied Sciences . This event was focused on potential students of the University of West Bohemia and all research fans. During this event our project was presented by ESR Tomasz Bońkowski and ER Lukáš Šoltés.

IMG_4130 IMG_4142 IMG_4200

 BRIGHT La Notte dei Ricercatori 2016 (Reserchers’ night) – 30 September 2016, Florence Gustavo Gil, Fellow from UNIFI will represent the  MOTORIST project with his presentation. Guidatori robot ppt,
DSC_1329b DSC_1328


Researchers’ Night – “Noc Vedcu” –  2016.09.30 Pilzen

On 30/09/2016 in the leisure center “RADOVANEK” under the auspices of the “Techmania Science Center” the Pilzen edition of the Researchers’ Night – “Night Vedcu” was held. The project MOTORIST was represented by two fellows: Tomasz Bońkowski (ESR 3.1 UWB) and Lukas Soltes (ER 2 UWB). Event was focused on “Bezpečnost” (Safety/Secirity) which is fitting in the framework of our project.”

Noc_vedcu2 IMG_5298 IMG_5294

ALIVE, ENLIGHT & epsilon Final Workshop – 22.09.2016, Aachen (Germany)

Final public event to be held in September 22 in Aachen. In order to help the organizer please register for the event through


IRCOBI -Preconference Workshop onCrash Reconstruction -13 September 2016,Malaga (Spain)
Dr. Craig Thor of NHTSA gave a presentation about the Motorcycle Crash Causation Study
Driving Simulation Conference 2016 VR – 7-9 sept. 2016, Paris (France)

The goal of this international conference is to propose to academics and practitioners an all-round view of the state of the art of driving simulation technology, research and development.
In this conference, with just the right mix of science and industry, you have the opportunity to meet and discuss in a friendly environment with representatives of the world’s leading car manufacturers and suppliers. As a researcher, you are invited to share your most recent findings, rigorously peer-reviewed, and to attend the presentations of other scientists working on related, or completely different, fields.
This edition is strongly committed to the improvement of already appreciated features of the previous editions, like the variety of the topics, the presence of poster sessions, Keynotes, Driving Simulators Symposium and the concurrent exhibition.

Pictures of the event:

ESOF Conference (23-27 July 2016) + MSCA ESOF Satellite conference (28-29 July) in Manchester (UK)
ESOF is the largest European science conference gathering world famous researchers and scientists from all disciplines. It takes place every two years. The sessions include a science, a science to business and a career programme (to be announced soon).
The next ESOF conference will take place on 23-27 July 2016 and will be followed by a satellite conference for MSCA fellows and alumni on 28- 29 July 2016 in Manchester city (free of charge).
Registrations to MSCA conference are free and will open in January 2016, and MSCA fellows will have the opportunity to register to the main ESOF conference at a special discount price. MSCA_ESOF_Draft_programme – The programme and registration are available here.
Should you have any questions please contact BA TRUNG Arya-Marie ,


Marie Skłodowska-Curie 2016 Forum – Where Business and Research Talent Meet- 2016.06.29 – Brussels

Forum organised by the European Commission.

Networking with researchers, universities and businesses involved in MSCA;

  • Opportunity to get your own stand to showcase your MSCA project and meet researchers;
  • Panels discussion with testimonials and concrete examples from businesses and research organisations.

Please find here the conference agenda and registration form. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required

MOTORIST – “Promoting motorcycle safety through Community and collaborative engagement” Workshop – 4 May 2016, Strasbourg (F)
Motorist group has organized an interactive workshop on motorcycle safety . This workshop will take place at the University of Strasbourg, France, on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 from 10:00 to 15:30.


Workshop on Training- 2016.05.19-20 – Paris

1,5 day workshop in Paris in collaboration with IFSTTAR (Stéphane Espié) including presentations, discussions and on-site experiments visits. Objective: address and discuss with MOTORIST PhD students PTWs behavioural aspects impacting ITS developments and training/licensing issues, presenting the outcomes and prospects of recent research projects (RIDERSCAN, SIM2CO, AVIMOTO, VIROLO+++). Lecturers: Aline Delhaye, Stéphane Espié

Safe2Wheelers – Accidentology and Motorcycle Simulator Workshop 2016 – 27th of April, Wuerzburg (Germany) 
The Workshop will take place on the 27th of April in Wuerzburg (Germany) and is organized jointly by WG 1 and 2.
Safe2Wheelers COST Action aims at improving PTW safety with a holistic and integrated approach by acquiring, unifying and coordinating PTW safety research and ensuring broad dissemination towards PTW users, industry and public authorities.
In order to bring together international experts working in the field of motorcycle safety for a mutual knowledge exchange, Safe2Wheelers will organize a workshop focusing on Accidentology and Simulators. An overview of best practices and results from PTW accident investigations and different existing motorcycle simulators shall be given and different technical solutions as well as potential use cases will be discussed. The workshop is open to industry and other researchers outside the COST Action network so that the dissemination of latest scientific findings is ensured.
The workshop will start with a plenary session bringing Working Group 1 (PTW Accidentology) and Working Group 2 (Motorcycle Simulators) participants together. Afterwards the two focus groups will split up in separated sessions.
Save the date – PTW Workshop WG1_2_final

20 April 2016 MOTORIST Dynamic simulator – WP1 WP2 Workshop in Leuven (B)
The half day workshop will take place at Siemens (Leuven) with the following macro agenda:

a)  Showcase the Dynamic set-up of the MOTORIST motorcycle simulator
b)  Sample testing for subjective evaluation
c)  ESRs activities synchronization and secondments proposals
2016-04-20 – MOTORIST Simulator Workshop

6th European Transport Research Conference (TRA 2016)

Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility

National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland – 18-21 April 2016

BRIGHT La Notte dei Ricercatori 2015 (Reserchers’ night), held in Florence on 25/09/2015: The two Fellows from UNIFI attended and represented the  MOTORIST project.

12 June 2015 “UNIFI Open Day – Giornata orientamento”

of the Engineering Faculty from UNIFI for the students of the high school. Fellows from Unifi went with an instrumented scooter, and other materials to present different videos and experiments carried out. The idea was to give a practical approach to further Engineering students in the Engineering field.



24 March 2015 COST TU1407: Scientific and technical innovations for safer Powered Two Wheelers (PTW) The first MC meeting will take place in Brussels on March the 24th